Configured my bandluxe device with the Airtel connection

Two days before got an Airtel sim since my brother in law said its cheap and there are many benefits in the pre-paid connection.

Since adding more information would like promoting Airtel, I just say what is the main concern. It is because for any recharge, it used to give a bundle of data free to use. I recharged for 99 Rs. I got a 400MB bundle free.

Now I need to use this but how. I configured my brother in law’s mobile phone through bluetooth so that he can now browse the web through his mobile. His mobile phone does have bluetooth with the PAN(Personal Area Network) enabled. But I do not have such a phone. (poor guy i use a very simple Nokia 1661 model). My one has all the features I want. Call, good phone book, sms, reminders and Radio. Unfortunately It does not have bluetooth.

I don’t need bluetooth because I have my Bandluxe C120 HSDPA device which is not locked. I.e I can use any Mobile Operator’s connection with the device. If you are aware, you would know that most of the HSDPA devices sold by these operators are locked. Locked means you can’t use it with another operator’s connection/SIM.

I removed my post paid Mobitel SIM from the device and put the Airtel SIM in. Then in Ubuntu i configured my connection using the default Connection Manager. Created a new mobile broadband connection in it and gave the following parameters.

APN : airtellive
Dial in Number : *99#
Username : Leave empty
Password : Leave empty

Now use the connect link and you should be online in no time. (its a joke. It took may be 1 second or few milliseconds more or less)

Skype did work but browser fails to open any page in internet. So i have to edit the connection settings and what i did was changed the Method parameter in the IPV4 section toAutomatic(PPP) address only. There are only two options. Automatic(PPP) and Automatic(PPP) address only. This means only the IP address is retrieved from Airtel server and the dns can be set by us manually. So i did. Following is the DNS setting I gave. It worked.,

Now it works fine and I can use this whenever i want.

If anyone find difficulties configuring your mobile device in Ubuntu, just search google and find the solution. Most of the devices are supported now and it is even faster in Ubuntu(Linux) than in any other OSes.

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